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Sweet Dreams


The Sweet Dreams blend gently relieves, calms and balances disturbed sleep patterns. Sweet Dreams soothes restlessness and overactive minds, promoting sound sleep. No matter what your struggle with sleep this blend will support you. If you struggle to sleep due to a busy mind or over stimulation. If you suffer with nightmares or night sweats. Or if you are a shift worker and have to change sleep patterns or are going to be travelling through different time zones.

In this blend you will find Chamomile, Dill, Lavender, Red Chestnut, St Johns Wort, White Chestnut Flower Essences.

Testimonial: Sweet dreams has definitely aided a restful sleep, and it is wonderful that a natural product can be so effective - Celine

This blend is useful for adults, children and babies.

This is a 30ml spray bottle so it is the perfect size to carry with you everywhere and keep beside your bed and take as needed.