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The Change blend inspires and motivates your decision to make changes, and provides you with support during times of transition. Change helps you overcome behavioural patterns like eating imbalances, food and stimulant cravings, and negative lifestyle patterns.
To help you create new patterns take this blend around 5 times a day until you feel the changes you desired are within.

Examples of times to use the change blend:
Moving home, job, school, country etc
Children adjusting to new family dynamics, or leaving home to go out into the world
If there has been an injury or accident which means your way of being in life is changing
Losing a family member and having to move on.

Flower Essences in this blend are California Poppy, Cayenne, Chestnut Bud, Morning Glory, Nicotiana, Walnut

Testimonial: I used this blend when I moved from Christchurch to Hamilton for my husband job, I was not really keep to move and the blend just helped me to come to terms with the change - Tracy

This blend comes in a 30ml spray bottle which makes it perfect to take with you where ever you go and take as you need it.