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Speak Out 30ml spray bottle


Speak Out blend will support you in all aspects of communication, speaking and listening.

This blend comes in a 30ml spray bottle which makes it perfect to take with you wherever you go and take as you need it.
I will pay for the postage when you buy this product on it's own.

Use this blend as often as required if you have a speaking engagement coming up or if there is a hard conversation to have with somebody.

Is this the blend for you? Message me through the contact page to book your free 15 minute Clarity Call and together we will figure out just what you need.

I have used this blend on so many occasions, when I first began networking for my business and having to speak in front of groups of people. It really makes such a difference - Leanne


Speak out Can Assist With:

+ Communicating effectively in conversation
+ Doing a presentation or performance
+ Overcoming shyness, lack of confidence and dispelling fear when you are speaking

Flower Essences in This Blend:

Calendula – enhances communication, both speaking and listening. Helps to maintain a balanced perspective. Very useful when a conversation may turn to conflict.

Cosmos – particularly useful when needing to speak articulately and will support the process of conveying thoughts into words.

Garlic – supports those who are easily influenced or drained by others and when we don’t feel centred. Garlic will support us when we have immunity issues or are prone to infections, it gives us a sense of strength emotionally and physically.

Larch – builds self-confidence, creative expression and spontaneity when one is fearful and overridden with self-doubt.

Mimulus – brings courage and confidence into daily life and is suited for those who may have many fears around daily occurrences and challenges. These are often felt in the solar plexus region as churning anxiety and unease.

Sunflower – boosts self-esteem and confidence in oneself. Sunflower helps us feel great about our individual personality and differences.

Trumpet Vine - stimulates articulate and colourful verbal expression, enabling dynamic projection of self in social situations.