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School Starters Pack


These are the two blends that your family needs to have on hand to help with the changes, transitions, ups and downs that we can all expect in life. Here I have used starting school as an example of how they can help, but make no mistake these blends will offer support in any other changing situation that causes stress and worry as well.

Your child is about to start school (or going through any other of life's transitions). It is an exciting and terrifying time for both you and them. This pack will support you and your child during the challenge of starting school.

The Change Flower Essence Blend will help your child accept the change that is about to happen or if they have already started school it will help accept the reality of school and deal with that whole time of transition. This blend is taken a few sprays orally as required.

The Chill Out Flower Essence Blend will help to reduce your child's worry, anxiety and tension at the prospect of going somewhere new and beginning the new phase of their life. This blend is taken a few sprays orally as required.

The Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Spritzer will just help to provide calm at bed time, it compliments the two flower essence blends beautifully (DO NOT TAKE THIS ORALLY).

If you are the one who is worried or stressed about how it will go, I know as a parent we worry about our children and hope that they cope with all the life events that come their way, then the products are just as helpful for you.

I have selected for this beautiful Pack:

+Change Flower Essence Blend
+Chill Out Flower Essences Blend
+Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Spritzer
+Discount Voucher for the Sweet Dreams Blend

There will be other little treats in there also.