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Light Heart 30ml spray bottle


The Light Heart blend eases sadness and grief and supports you through the difficult times experienced following loss or separation from your loved ones. Grief is such a tough thing to go through and support at these times is esssential.

This blend comes in a 30ml spray bottle which makes it perfect to take with you wherever you go and take as you need it.
I will pay for the postage when you buy this product on it's own.

Use this blend as often as required during times of loss.

Still not sure, message me through the contact page to book your free 15 minute Clarity Call and together we will figure out just what you need.

I gave this blend to a client who’s mum died 7 years earlier and she felt she had dealt with it all. When she took this blend she came to a real place of peace and calm about the whole thing, truly beautiful. Leanne


We can quite easily get stuck in the grief process feeling really intense emotions and overwhelmed. Light Heart will help with processing all of it.

Flower Essences In This Blend:

Borage – helps with heavy heartedness and lack of confidence in your ability to face the difficult times. Borage is an uplifting essence that brings out strength and courage from within.

Forget-Me-Not – helps with the early stages of grief and also when these feelings are unresolved many years on.

Love Lies Bleeding – helps with strengthening and overcoming the pain of broken heartedness when we lose someone close to us. It helps us to move beyond the emotional distress we experience and gain more understanding.

Honeysuckle – when we long for something to be the way it used to be and can’t move forward. It also helps overcome homesickness and nostalgia.

Self-Heal – will restore hope and strength which encourages recovery after trauma, shock or illness.

Star of Bethlehem – soothes heals and aids recovery from shock, trauma, grief.