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Focus 30ml spray bottle


Focus enhances mental clarity, creativity and memory retention. Focus assists concentration, studying and planning and helps you stay centered when you are busy and surrounded by many demands and stresses.

This blend comes in a 30ml spray bottle
which makes it perfect to take with you wherever you go and take as you need it.
I will pay for the postage when you buy this product on it's own.

Use this blend as often as required to maintain the focus you need to complete the task at hand.

Is this blend for you? Message me through the contact page to book your free 15 minute Clarity Call and together we will figure out just what you need.

Focus blend keeps me on track and stops my easily distracted mind from wandering – Helen


Focus Can Be Useful For:

+ Concentration during study
+ Helping to manage a huge work load
+ I you cannot focus and are easily distracted.
+ In a classroom situation you will find focus will help your child to concentrate at school.
+ Doing a presentation it will help you to stick with the plan.

Flower Essences In This Blend

Indian Paintbrush – useful when studying or during intense mental and creative work, if vitality lowers and exhaustion sets in. Indian paintbrush grounds and strengthens the connection between physical and mental energy enhancing creative expression.

Indian Pink – helps us to stay centred and focused under stress. It enables us to manage and co-ordinate many and varied forms of activity.

Madia – helps when we are easily distracted and have difficulties concentrating, we may feel scattered and ‘all over the place’. Madia helps focus, attention and helps us to prioritise.

Nasturtium – for when vitality and energy wanes when we undergo extensive and intense intellectual and mental work. This may result in mental burn out leading to colds, congestion and immune dysfunction.

Peppermint – stimulates mental alertness and clarity. It is useful when we feel dull, sluggish and mentally lethargic.

Rabbitbrush – when we feel easily overwhelmed by details or chaos, Rabbitbrush helps us work with the details while keeping an overview of the bigger picture.