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Family Wellness Pack


This pack is going to support your whole families emotional and physical wellness. They are some of my favourite products and I am sure you will find them useful as well.
In this package you will get three amazing 30ml Flower Essence Blends selected to support your family, safe for every member of your family.
An immuno start which provides support during coughs colds etc
A fabulous 50gm Tui Bee Balm.

All these products are safe for every family member.
Flower Essence Blends:
Chill Out - to reduce stress and anxiety
Esteem - to promote self acceptance and confidence
Sweet Dreams - so the whole family get a great sleep

Immuno Start - take this when you feel a cold or the sniffles coming on to support your recovery

Tui Bee Balm - great to have on hand for family mishaps like burns, cuts, grazes, rashes, nappy rash and more.