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Chill Out 30ml spray bottle


Chill Out blend helps to calm and soothe any tension, stress or anxiety that can lead to physical complaints such as aches, pains, stomach upsets, butterflies and sleep disorders. Chill Out helps you to relax and unwind.

This blend comes in a 30ml spray bottle which makes it perfect to take with you wherever you go and take as you need it.
I will pay for the postage when you buy this product on it's own.

Use this blend as often as required to help you to remain calm.

Is this the blend for you? Message me through the contact page to book your free 15 minute Clarity Call and together we will figure out just what you need.

Many of my clients find Chill Out to be really useful to support all members of their family in the busy and stressful times. It is my go to as well. - Leanne


Chill Out can be useful for:

+ Studying
+ During exams
+ Preparing for a wedding or a trip

Flower Essences In This Blend:

Chamomile – indicated when moods and emotions are up and down. Useful when easily upset and irritable and have a tendency to feel emotions and stress in the stomach. It may be difficult to release emotional stress which can often lead to sleep problems.

Dandelion – this essence is wonderful for releasing physical tension and is often used topically for softening hard knotty muscles. It is useful for those who are inclined to overfill their days, the ‘work hard, play hard’ ambitious over striving type of person. Dandelion essences helps one listen to their body’s needs and ease off on overdriving and pushing tendencies.

Elm – is useful when we feel overwhelmed by duties and responsibilities and don’t feel up to the task at hand. Plagued by feeling of self-doubt which can lead to general fatigue.

Lavender – soothes, settles and calms. Great when overstimulated and wound up and has caused a headache, visual problems, neck and shoulder tension or insomnia.

Yarrow – is one of the strengthening and protective essences. It is useful when people feel extremely vulnerable to the influence of others and the environment. They may also be prone to allergies, environmental illnesses and are generally oversensitive.