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Leanne Korey from Family Focus Remedial Therapies, provides natural therapies such as infant massage, foot joint mobilisation, emotional freedom technique, magnetic bracelets, flower essences, to make families healthier.


I’m Leanne Koorey and I’ve been in the Natural Therapies industry since 1998.  Over the years I have learned and trialled various modalities to make families healthier.

In the early stages of my career I trained and worked as a fully qualified massage therapist. 

When my twin daughters were 4, I completed certification for infant massage instruction through the International Association of Infant Massage.  I felt that there was more to massaging your children than just the massage itself, and I learned that this was indeed the case!  I was also looking to connect with each of my daughters on an individual basis and found infant massage was a truly bonding experience.

One of my daughters had very flat feet and would often fall over whilst running, for no apparent reason.  I spent time seeking assistance for her through the health system, with no results.  Taking matters into my own hands, I learned foot joint mobilisation and was delighted to be able to successfully treat her myself.

I spent many years doing primarily physical modalities and found time and time again that there are thoughts and feelings behind people’s physical pain.  I am a certified rebirther and use emotional freedom techniques and flower essences to help with emotional aspects of healing and coping, while I also treat the physical symptoms.

Family Focus Remedial Therapies was established in early 2014.  My mission is to have a positive impact on my clients for their physical and emotional wellbeing and provide them with tools to look after themselves and their loved ones physical health. 

I really enjoy what I do because it helps people to make their life a little easier either physically or emotionally or to see things slightly more clearly. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, and walking our dog on the beach. 

For more details on the natural health services that I offer or for any queries or feedback, please get in touch.

Phone: + 64 27 289 2984

Email:  leeannem@slingshot.co.nz


Here's what some happy Family Focus Remedial Therapies customers have to say....

My family has used Leanne's business in a variety of ways, and with good results.

My husband Gary had hip replacement surgery and was still struggling with pain in walking after the operation.  He went to Leanne for foot joint mobilisation and it helped considerably.     We have also sought flower essence blends from Leanne for travelling (anxiety/sleep) and for my daughter's NCEA exams.

I would happily recommend Leanne to anyone as a caring and thoughtful professional.

- Janet

….I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing support you have offered to me and my children over the last few years.  What started with a couple of appointments for some foot mobilisation has grown into many visits for massage and also flower essences.  We have had so many good results using your flower essences….. and your ability to find the right combination when making up the customised ones for myself and my girls just blows me away.  It is interesting that my girls are pretty in tune now too with when they need some essences and will say to me oh Mum I think I will take my “spray” with me.  Your dedication to our health and well-being is just amazing and I feel so lucky to have made that first appointment to see you.  So once again thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- Jenni

'I first used a flower essence blend from Leanne back in February 2014.  I was very nervous about speaking in front of people and Leanne said she could help.  The flower essence blend Leanne made for me really worked and my confidence in speaking to groups of people has been transformed and I no longer find it hard or get nervous'

I also have had various blends made for anxiety and worry, these have also been very successful in helping me to deal with these problems. My daughter Gracie was 3 when I spoke to Leanne about a recurring statement she made almost daily about us leaving her behind with a relation while we were away in England.  It was having a real emotional effect on her and my husband and I.  Leanne made a blend and she has only every mentioned it one or two times in the 6 months since she took the blend.

We have great faith in Leanne's ability to improve the emotional wellbeing of our family with flower essence blends.

- Claire

Our son is now eleven, twelve years old next February.  Time flies it truly does:

After his much awaited birth he was a settled baby and a good feeder.  It came as a shock to me when he developed reflux, a little later than what is more common in babies.

It’s very hard on a first time mum to see her child twisting in pain and distress.  You do your utmost to make it disappear, to lessen the discomfort, to end your own despair and to feel you are making a difference.

Medication was difficult to administer, a time consuming process that gave us all little relief and lots of waste.  I remember seeing Leanne’s advertisement at our local Plunket Room, for baby massage along with an introduction, general outline of what it entails, how it can be achieved and what service Leanne can personally provide.  I was intrigued!!

Before long Leanne was coming to our home.  I had gathered some friends and their babies and we proceeded to learn the art of baby massage.  Working in a group was fun and supportive.

The benefits of learning to massage my son was:  I was able to feel and work out, those nasty pockets of wind and ease his discomfort.  He enjoyed my hands on him and relaxed and it is something we have maintained through the latter years.  I still now use techniques learned to calm anxiety, but mostly because he enjoys a good foot, back, neck and shoulder rub.  It’s lovely for this mum to know her growing lad still allows her to touch him as it is but one of the five ‘love’ languages.

I recommend you give baby massage a go and without hesitation I recommend you let Leanne be your guide and mentor.  She has true passion and belief in what she brings to the table.

- Fiona

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